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June 30, 2015


January 2014, Singapore

Restaurant concept

At Labyrinth, focus is placed on creating dishes that arouse the 5 basic taste sensations: Sweetness, Sourness, Saltiness, Bitterness, Umami. Its modern experimental cuisine is meticulously put together by chef owner, LG Han, who draws inspiration from fresh ingredients, traditional recipes, local cultures and culinary techniques from across the globe. Classic culinary creations, both local and international, are re-interpreted and reconstructed to ensure diners can expect a gastronomical adventure unlike any other, an adventure that challenges their perceptions. The Labyrinth brigade is on a never-ending quest for culinary perfection through innovation, while holding consistency and quality to the highest standard.

Set in a quaint conservation shophouse on Neil Road with an exclusive 20 seater open concept counterside dining, Labyrinth offers diners the opportunity to witness first-hand how their dishes are prepared and perhaps also learn a few tips from the chefs. The restaurant’s interior is decorated with paintings sourced from local emerging artists.

The name “Labyrinth” is reflective of the exploratory journey through a maze that every diner goes through during the meal with a revelation of the complex textures and flavours after savouring each dish. The word “Lab” in the name also highlights Labyrinth’s value proposition as a culinary lab focusing on constant innovation.

Concept of owner/chef

Labyrinth is born out of Chef LG’s passion for cooking and his creative streak that challenges common perceptions, both in taste and visuals. A banker turned predominantly self-taught chef, Chef LG’s self termed modern experimental cuisine can be defined as an open-box culinary think tank not limiting creativity and innovation to purely an eastern or western cuisine in itself.

In his own words, “Singaporeans are exposed to food from all over the world since a young age – a prime example being the well loved buffets where Singaporeans dine on food with origins from Asia to Europe to America within a single meal”.

Chef LG is a firm believer of cooking with fresh ingredients and would insist on making his own cracklings from pig’s skin and fruit chips using fresh fruits, even though they can be readily purchased off the shelf. One can be sure that each component on a dish served at Labyrinth has been made in-house. Chef LG is meticulous in his design of every dish while boldly playing with textures and combinations to accentuate the flavours yet remaining firmly grounded to his roots. To further hone his skills, Chef LG has since done stints with internationally renowned chefs including Mauro Colagreco (of Mirazur, France), Tom Kerridge (of The Hand & Flowers, UK) and Roberto Galetti (of Garibaldi, Singapore).

Menu features

Labyrinth’s menu showcases a variety of local and international cuisines reconstructed in textures and visuals, such as curry chicken quinoa draped with coriander sponge, roasted local pork with risotto cooked in ramen broth and a molecular chendol xiao long bao. The dessert creations also pushes the boundary of classic all-time favourites, where Labyrinth’s signature “soft boiled eggs and teh tarik” promises to throw diners’ off their common perception of this familiar local breakfast. Vegetarian diners can also expect a carefully crafted menu that includes “steak” tatare and wild mushroom textures “risotto”.

Offering the choice of either 5 course Signature menu ($98++) or 7 course Degustation menu ($128++), diners can sit back, relax and await to be taken on a gastronomical journey in Labyrinth. Both menus showcases Chef Han’s repertoire of modern experimental dishes that reflects the bold yet unassuming character of Labyrinth.


A wine pairing option for both menus is available and the restaurant also carries a carefully crafted selection of wines focusing on quality New World wines (both red and white) as well as traditional French and Italian wines at very approachable prices to encourage diners to enjoy the ideal wine/s with their meal.  Labyrinth will also carry varieties of whiskey, cognac, beers and soft drinks to cater to the preference of all diners.


Tucked in a shophouse along Neil Road and straddling the CBD and Duxton residential district, Labyrinth is ideal for corporates looking for something different yet conducive for business lunches and dinners or foodies simply looking for quality, exclusitivity and something very different.

Being centrally located and only a stone’s throw away from the bustling night life on Ann Siang Hill, it is the perfect lunch spot for executives and dinner venue prior to an exciting evening ahead.


Along the five-foot way outside the entrance, diners can easily spot Labyrinth’s illuminated logo. A partition shields the restaurant’s interior from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding streets and provides privacy to diners in the restaurant. Walk beyond it and one’s eyes are inevitably drawn towards the collection of paintings sourced from emerging local artists.

The centrepiece of the restaurant is an open concept dining bar that has been painstakingly designed to ensure maximum comfort for all diners and convenient interaction with the chefs. The dining experience is further enhanced by intricate details like cushion lined bar stools, foot rests and convenient bag stowage for female patrons. Private tables are also available for diners who prefer more intimacy.

The exclusive 23 seater restaurant also features a sunroof that allows natural lighting to flood its interiors in the day and lets it bath in moonlight by nightfall. Lighting in the restaurant has also been designed to enhance the aesthetics of every dish served, to ensure that every dish served is given its due recognition.

Address: 5 Neil Road, Singapore 088806
Website: www.
Email: info@
Tel: 6223 4098

Opening hours:
Tuesdays to Sundays
6.30pm to 10.30pm (Dinner)

Closed on Mondays

Please enquire in-house
For more information, please contact:
Mr LG Han
Chef owner
E: hanlg@  |   T: +65 9828 3083


Labyrinth Restaurant

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